Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Blog War. Who you got?

You know, I think that's exactly what was missing around these blog parts. Everyone's nice to each other, asking for links, sending out their posts in hopes of increased traffic (present company included). To get these favors in return, everyone treads on eggshells unless they can stand completely by themselves. The only things said on the negative is done behind closed doors. Well, I guess that's kind of over, and I find it entertaining.

It always seemed like the two big boys, TBL and Deadspin were somewhat rivals, like, are you a TBL guy, or a Deadspin guy. The distinction has been made for several prominent bloggers. Here's a timeline.

The shot heard 'round the blogging world, fired by the LA Times in an interview with Jason McIntyre and other big names names. The piece ran June 22nd. I'm not going to summarize it, because I'm not running Cliff's Notes around here, and really you should read the entire thing yourselves if you've already haven't. I guess the better question is - how could you not?!

I'm going to take a wild guess here that Jason received both supporting and flaming emails about said interview, because in a somewhat-response, he wrote this quick little aside to address it. I'm not sure why, maybe just to have his full view out there - although he made it pretty clear in the article.

But, here's where the fun started: Will Lietch, to some the Blogfather, penned a lengthy response to that whole thing, and really, if you haven't read that where have you been? His point? Well, that McIntyre didn't speak for everyone, and that blogs shouldn't change just because some crotchety man out of touch with reality doesn't like them. Which you know, is true. But I think what I most enjoyed is the somewhat-sugarcoated-but-really-not personal jabs at Jason. That kind of personal and sharpened opinion blade is most fun to read.

Ka-boom, the line was drawn.

Matt Ufford joined in with maybe the most brilliant title of this entire ordeal. As he tends to do, Ufford minced no words in how he felt about both McIntyre's opinion, and him in general. Now, maybe I'm just not up on my blog drama ,but I didn't know there was a personal angle to this Ufford-McIntyre thing - but it made it all the better.

Shortly after, the Bandwogoneer joined the only bandwagon he's ever been on, defending Will, and equally offending McIntyre. Maybe more. And since I'm just plain not a huge fan of his writing (maybe because I'm just not the biggest Florida fan), this was the best piece he ever wrote.

If it ended here, it just wouldn't be as fun. McIntyre had someone in his corner, the blog celebrity Dave Lozo. His work has never been confused with a Hallmark card, and certainly this was no exception. He dissected Will's post every which way and it made for a humorous read.

So, I guess the next question is, whose side am I on? Honestly, no one's. I don't read either Deadspin or TBL with any less regularity (more to be honest). They're both right in different ways in this argument. Am I pussying out not burying TBL for his own view on blogs? I don't know, maybe. But more than that, I just don't care either way. I don't run this place [very well] for money anyway, so what's it to me.

Update: Got an email about another post, I believe my by count that makes the score 2-2. SML takes a look at the response to the interview, as opposed to the interview itself. And it's not that McIntyre speaks for everyone, but that he's knocked Will off the Blogfather chair. The oldest motive in the book, jealousy.

I just hope this isn't the end. And of course, let me know if I missed any creatively insulting article about this thing.

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