Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It was over before they got up this morning

The Lakers are being humiliated on national television. And what's more? They deserve it. I have no desire to watch the rest of this game, the NBA is just lucky that there's nothing else on TV tonight, that casual fans can have this disaster on.

Can we stop comparing this epic battle to those that happened in the 80s? This is nothing close to compelling basketball, and only approximately five minutes of this series have been. The NBA got what it wanted, and that's a revival of love for the playoffs, but what's been shown on TV is a snoozer, except for Boston fans, and I can understand that.

The Lakers are down nearly 30 points, and they don't look like they care all that much, so add me to that. This has been nearly as boring as the Cleveland-San Antonio series last year, except I care even less. Kobe Bryant looks asleep in an elimination game, and while a lot of that falls on the Celtics defense (and rebounding!) the fact that he's jacking up shots, and doesn't have one layup or dunk speak volumes about his "closer" abilities. Maybe too much hubris about not being desparate bit them in the ass.