Friday, June 27, 2008

Worst. Draft. Ever.

The jokes for this draft write themselves. I mean seriously, do I really need to try to make up something funny, when this dastardly basketball killer to your right from UIPUI was picked in the first round? It's as if roughly after the lottery, every GM had a stroke at the same time, and let their kids pick people whose "name sounded funny". It was a contest of one-uppery of retardation one pick after another well into the night. Half the people picked in the first round were second round talent.

And let me say this: for a while there I thought Darrell Arthur was going to be taught to drive a truck by his mom for the rest of his life. Ma and Son trucking would really take off then. I feel bad for the possibility of having serious health condition, but other than, it was uncomfortably entertaining to see his discomfort.

As a Cavs fan, with so many players still on the board, when they picked JJ Hickson I had no reaction. I wasn't upset. I wasn't happy. I was caught so far off guard by this ridiculous pick that I just stared at my television. No matter how you spin it, it was just not a great pick.

My favorite part had to come with the 26th pick, when Accountant/Basketball player George Hill was selected. I watch 500 college basketball games a year, and not once have I heard his name called. And I'm possitive that David Stern snickered a little when he said, "George is not here."

There's so much to talk about within these draft picks, that it would take all day to go over. But the most insteresting has to be Detroit's 2nd round draft pick Walter Sharpe. Let's get this out of the way: who the fuck is this guy. DSC's a big fan. Free Press finds some information about your local sports hero:

I'll fill you in on a few details: Yes, he really has struggled with narcolepsy. He was academically ineligible last semester, presumably for spelling "Sharp" wrong. And maybe the best sign that he is ready for pro sports is that he already has his first nightclub arrest under his belt.

You say what now? He's narcoleptic? That doesn't stop him from getting arrested apparently. This guy should love Det-riot. Yeah, I would assume that narcolepsy would make it difficult to concentrate in school. But maybe, and I'm just spit balling here, it might also make it difficult to play basketball. Undeterred Pistons. Good thing they didn't take local undefeated basketball superstar CDR. That would have been foolish, and not at all fan-friendly.

I woke up this morning, hoping that last night was a big joke. Unfortunately, I still have JJ Hickson for next year.

[FreeP] Don't assume Pistons blew the draft